Friday, February 5, 2010

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles

So, it’s my birthday, and I spent the whole day thinking about which decadent, delish dish was going to ring in my new milestone year. Once I locked in the decision, I was salivating over Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles all day!!

Chicken, waffles and I go way back. Before I moved to LA back in the early 90s, I lived for many months in Amishland, Pennsylvania. Actually, Ephrata was the town in Lancaster County, and there were enough Amish folks that my sister often had to peel out to get around the buggies that were holding up traffic. I worked at JCPenney in the little town, and we had to get special training on how to interact with the Amish folks. Mind you, I relocated from New York City to Amishland, so it’s still TBD who was the real freak in that show. Before I digress further, there was a diner there called Zinn’s, and they served awesome waffles with hearty chicken stew ladled on top. That was what I was expecting at Roscoe’s.

Imagine my surprise when I ordered the Carol C. Special of “1 succulent breast, 1 delicious waffle,” and a golden-fried chicken breast was served on a plate with the waffle, pools of butter and the little pitcher of syrup. Hmmm, what do I do with this, I asked myself? I did the same thing I’m still doing today: a little waffle and a little chicken on the fork, plunge it in the syrup, pop into smiling mouth while eyes are rolling back in their sockets, chew, more smiling, swallow and repeat. In almost 20 years, I’ve never ordered anything else at Roscoe’s, and I’ve never been disappointed! I like that they don't waste my time with any parsley sprigs, lettuce leaves or twisted orange slices. It's all business with the Carol C.!

So, here’s to Zinn’s, Roscoe’s and many more birthdays!

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  1. Now, that is something I can truly relate to. My only request at Roscoe's is that the waffle be cooked just a bit longer and that request comes from some very poorly cooked pancakes at a scouting campout, but that is a whole different story. Happy birthday Susan, you rock.