Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pasadena City College Flea Market

I woke up this morning – not to the sound of pouring rain – but to the sun peaking in through the windows. And, it was the first Sunday of the month. That confirmed it. I was heading to the PCC Flea Market!

The PCC Flea Market has many things going for it that you don’t get with the bigger ones like the Rose Bowl or Long Beach. First off, there’s no admission fee, and although there is a $2 campus parking charge, there’s plenty of street parking nearby. Next, there are vendors inside the parking structure (think shade!) in addition to the outside lots. The others offer no meaningful shade. But mostly, PCC is just more manageable; you don’t have to pack an overnight bag or plan a full day to shop all the booths.

Plus, PCC has the Cake Lady. She may also go to the others, but I haven’t seen her. My favorite is the Ginger Cake, as shown in the picture. Think gingerbread powered by a few Rock Stars, as the flavor is super intense. YUM! This year, Ginger Cake is my birthday cake, as I’ve been holding off other cake options in case I went to PCC's flea market.

Otherwise, I scored nicely on six new Lustreware pieces, a line of Fire King dishes that I collect. Think melted creamsicle-colored cookware and tableware, and that’s Lustreware. It's a fun collectible that I actually use. Now, don’t you start collecting it, too!

Click here to go to PCC Flea Market’s Web site.

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