Thursday, February 18, 2010


Back in September I posted about the Farmers Market, then in November I wrote about stalking Peter Sagal. This post combines those two themes, with sides of Craig Ferguson and the Dalai Lama thrown in!

I received an e-mail invite to attend a taping of the Craig Ferguson show, filmed at the CBS Studios by the Farmers Market. He is hysterical, and when I checked the upcoming guests, much to my surprise, Peter Sagal (host of NPR’s Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me!) was on the schedule. I had to go! I rounded up two WW/CF friends and we each did about 1,000 crunches worth of laughter. One of Craig’s jokes connected Dolly Parton to the Dalai Lama. Little did we know that they were giving away passes to see the Dalai Lama on Sunday at Universal Studios. I won two tickets, so I’m seeing the Dalai Lama, thanks to Craig Ferguson via Peter Sagal!

Which brings me back to Du-par's and the Farmers Market. I’d been looking forward to their pancakes all day, strategizing the benefits of eating before the show versus after, while I was in the 'hood. In addition to being open 24 hours, Du-par’s serves breakfast all the time, so that wasn’t even a factor. As my friends were on-board and hungry for Du-par’s, we went after. Over pancakes for me, and sandwiches for them, we had another 1,000 or so laughs recounting the show, then getting serious and planning for the Dalai Lama. Nice!

Although we didn’t qualify due to our later visit, Du-par’s offers a cool “beat the clock” special between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.: the time you arrive is the price you pay for the selected meals. If you get there at 4:15, your tab for the special meal is $4.15, up until 5:59.

I can’t guarantee you’ll get to plan for the Dalai Lama when you visit, but I definitely recommend Du-par’s for some classic diner-esque chow in a cool location, available 24/7.

Click here to go to Du-par's Web site.

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