Friday, January 29, 2010

Basket Exhibit at the Autry

When I last visited the Autry in April, I went to see the flashy Nudie suits. This time, I saw sparkle and twang of a whole different nature.

A Living Tradition: The Art of Native American Basketry is a beautiful mix of form and function and showcases about 250 baskets from the sister Southwest Museum collection. The little number shown here is from the early 1900s and is made of birch bark, sweetgrass, porcupine quills and dye. Nudie would be proud!

You will see baskets from 11 North American regions, and I'm sure you'll be surprised by the woven grass socks, the cedar cup and saucer, the baskets for cooking and the baskets for carrying babies.

I especially liked learning about the work of the current generations who are preserving and passing on the traditions of their ancestors. Old and new pieces are displayed together as proof of the continuity. Some of the basket hats were especially difficult to distinguish between the now and then pieces.

The exhibit has been extended to November 7, so you have plenty of time to weave it into your schedule. And, as if you need another reason to venture to the Autry, the chili at the Golden Spur Cafe is the best!

Click here to go to their Web site.


  1. We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the exhibit! I'm pleased to announce that the exhibition run of The Art of Native American Basketry has been extended to November 7, 2010!

  2. The basket show was amazing and I agree the chilli at the Golden Spur is very good. It's also a handy spot for a quick lunch after training in the park.