Thursday, August 27, 2009

Picanha Brazilian BBQ

Picanha Churrasciaria in downtown Burbank is a carnivore's dream come true! Based on the Brazilian tradition of gaucho BBQs, grilled skewered meats are brought right to your table where you select what and how much you want, and it is served on the spot. You even get tongs with the flatware service to grab your slice. Although there is an attempt to humor the herbivores with salads and other sides, this is all about the meat. I actually felt sorry for the guy at the next table who said he was vegetarian. Yes, the mashed potatoes and black bean options were very good, but he was soooo at the wrong place.

I can verify that I sampled seven different meats: Polish and Brazilian sausages, Parmesan and Spicy chicken, lamb, and both medium and rare steak. Perhaps my dining chums will remind me of others that I've overlooked in my current digestive coma state.

Each table has a wooden cylinder with a green end and a red end to identify if you want the servers to continue bringing the meats. Green means oh yeah! and red you need a breather. Flip it back and forth as your waistband allows.

My only suggestion is that there should be a way of serving desserts this way -- bring out various cakes and other treats on big platters and you decide what kind and how much you want right then and there.

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