Saturday, September 17, 2016

Claudia Sanders Dinner House

This post can be filed under "when in Rome…" I'm driving through Shelbyville, KY, on my way to a bagpipe festival. Afterward, I've already planned a stop at Claudia Sanders Dinner House. Yes, Mrs. Colonel Sanders! 

The story goes that the front building was Colonel and Claudia's home starting in 1958, and the back building was the headquarters for Kentucky Fried Chicken once they outgrew the house. The big space is now hone for The Dinner House, which originally opened in 1968 as The Colonel's Lady.

After a half-basket of delicious rolls, my chicken breast dinner with green beans - note the bacon chunks! - and mashed taters came out. Sooo much tastier than what comes in the red and white striped boxes from KFC now!

However, it was this slice of Derby Pie that really shot me over the moon. Set your taste buds for pecan pie with chocolate chips, and you are somewhere in the neighborhood of this baby!

So, when you have a taste for local history, and some really good food, make go see the folks serving it up in the Colonel and Claudia's honor in their old stomping grounds.

Click here for the website.

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