Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clearman's Galley

Remember Clearman's North Woods Inn, with the fake snow on the roof and peanut shells on the floor? They also have a burger joint at the Rosemead Boulevard location - Clearman's Galley - just across the parking lot. My upstairs neighbor turned me on to the deliciousness of "the Boat," nicknamed due to the nautical theme inside and the tugboat outside. She has fond memories of going there with her parents. Back in '60s, the boat WAS the burger stand. She invited me to tag along with her adult son, so their family tradition continues of eating at Clearman's.

This is the same delicious purple cabbage and lettuce with blue cheese dressing from the Inn, sidled up to a chili burger. Deelish!! The Galley has TV screens scattered all around, and they were playing a variety of sports events. The next time I get a craving for that salad, I'll have two tasty options!

Click here for Clearman's Galley's website.

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