Monday, August 17, 2015

Idle Hour

This week's favorite new joint is Idle Hour, at the Vineland/Lankershim intersection near NoHo. I love it! Not only is it some classic 1940s programmatic architecture (it was then a taproom) that has been preserved and reconfigured, but they serve up some awesome food! The guy in this picture was super excited, as he was waiting for his first day to begin. He happily told me the history (I already knew the stories!), and I shared I had already enjoyed the Idle Hour and was back to get an exterior shot. And, I'll be back many more times!

I met a friend there, and we started with these roasted Brussels sprouts, further enhanced with citrusy bits and pepitas. YUM!!

And this is the Idle Hour Burger, with arugula, tomato, fried shallots, garlic aioli, and aged white cheddar. WOW, such flavors!!

We lingered as long as possible on the lovely outdoor patio, before ceding the spot to other diners. Be sure to comment here on the surprise animal who is sharing the space when you go.

Click here for Idle Hour's website.

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