Saturday, January 17, 2015

Peddler's Creamery

I'm a plus-one for KCRW's Riot LA comedy showcase at the Regent Theater downtown. Arriving a bit early, my chum and I walked around Main Street, marveling over how much it has changed--in a very good way.

We stumbled upon Peddler's Creamery, just south of the Theater. Peddler as in bicycle, not any old-timey door-to-door salesman. Yes, this ice cream is foot-cranked with the churn attached to the bicycle chain in some fancy engineery way. Cool, huh?!

And the flavors are way cool, too. This is my dark chocolate orange on the bottom, and honey lavender on top. Deelish!! We missed the peddling action, as he was scheduled during the comedy show. Trust me, these peddling ice cream makers are on to something, and they may be laughing all the way to the bank!

Click here for Peddler's Creamery's website.

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