Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quenelle and North Pole Snow Cream in Burbank

OK, it's 9,000 degrees outside, and ice cream is sounding really good! I've tried two novel Burbank spots in the last few days. Sorry, but I'm going to say it, get it while it's hot!!

Quenelle on Magnolia near Buena Vista was the first stop. Here you see half-scoops of chocolate and blueberry pie - deeeelish!! And, yes, the cup is sitting on my Jeep's console as there is only a kiddie table inside for seating. They had all kinds of great flavors, and I'll look forward to stopping by there again on my way home.

Quenelle does not have a website. Street address is 2214 W. Magnolia, Burbank 91506. Phone is (818) 843-1035.

And, for something completely different, there's North Pole Snow Cream at the Burbank Mall. In some ways, it's like your standard "build your own" ice cream with lots of toppings to select from, except this is snow cream, which is a whippy/shaved blend of ice cream and Hawaiian ice-y. I got seasalt caramel snow cream with mochi and caramel sauce. Just go with me on this; it was taaaaasty! (And, I'll go back again if you need further encouragement!)

You can feel good about your treat as they "donate 2% of their monthly income to Polar animals in need, as well as green and environmentally beneficial causes and organizations," per their website. The cute little blue spoons are even biodegradable!

Click here for North Pole Snow Cream's website.

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