Sunday, February 2, 2014

Don Chow Tacos

It's Sunday of my birthday weekend, I'm off work, and I'm stalking Lusterware at the PCC flea market. It can be exhausting. Wandering the aisles on high alert for the creamy orange glassware, while visualizing and inventorying what's already in the cupboards takes a lot of energy.

That's when Don Chow Tacos saved the day! This month, they were stationed in one of the parking lots. The aromas from the food truck were undeniably wonderful. Don Chow masterfully fuses Chinese-Mexican flavors, such as this Chimale with Chinese BBQ pork stuffed in the masa. DEEELISH!! My friend ordered soy tacos, which came with huge slabs of avocado. He was practically purring over the flavors. We both told hesitant patrons that they HAD to try this food! Now, I'll be stalking Don Chow in addition to my Lusteware!

Click here for Don Chow's Web site.

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