Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Twohey's Revisited

I'm dealing with some crazy allergic reactions, and my doctors can't figure out what's causing them. Today, 10 vials of blood were taken for testing. I'm feeling drained in many ways, and liver and onions is at the front of my mind. I'm meeting my friend staying in Duarte for the iron rush, so we decide to meet at Twohey's in Alhambra. I last visited in April, 2010 (see post), and it was fine time for a return.

Their take on liver was terrific, grilled and topped with bacon, and both onions and onion rings. Diner mashed potatoes can be hit or miss. These were a hit!

Feeling totally powered up after scarfing down the full plate of food, I ordered the special Snowball dessert, with ice cream, raspberry filling and coconut sprinkled on top. Tasty!!

Stay tuned for the allergy results. For now, I'm hoping none of these foods makes the banned list.

Click here for Twohey's Web site.

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