Monday, July 22, 2013

Poway Getaway

I'm taking a short roadtrip to Poway in San Diego County to visit friends. My chum from Santa Monica relocated there to live with her boyfriend, and she's found quite a comfy life there. Keep reading for artichoke fritters, tilapia spring rolls and the mecca of thrift stores!

After a tour of their adorable house, the first stop for some chow was The Brigantine, or The Brig to locals. Here you see their artichoke fritters. Delish! We also had fish tacos and spinach salad for a good taste variety. And Poway starts to surpass expectations...

Later that night, we went to Cordiano Winery in Escondido. It was the one night in July with rain. From what I hear, this patio spot is THE place to watch the sunset over the vineyards. I'll just have to go back to see it for myself.

Luckily, Cordiano's was not a wash. They also serve up some delicious thin crust pizzas. This Margarita was fantastic!

To really top it off, it's National Ice Cream Day! Woohoo! Courtesy of Thrifty's via CVS, here you see my selections: Circus Animal and Happy Birthday. Poway rocked day one!!

On Monday, my hostess invited me to the mecca of thrift stores. We counted eight organizations, and a few with multiple storefronts, in a strip mall right in the heart of Poway. Here you see my take compiled from several stores: three Better Homes and Gardens old school cook books, a Clark and Lewis trail guidebook, a 45 record with the wee plastic insert and two batches of fondue forks. All for around $8.00. SCORE!!

After all that shopping, we needed some lunch. How about tilapia spring rolls and rice vermicelli with grilled chicken and lemongrass from Pho Joy? Both had amazing flavors!

Finally, before hitting the 15 back to South Pas...

salted caramel and chocolate yogurts with berries and mini M&Ms from In the Mix. Tasty!!

Poway was a great getaway, and I'll look forward to returning soon!

Click here for the Brig's Web site.

Click here for Cordiano's Web site.

Click here for In the Mix's Web site.

The thrift stores are located at 12845 Poway Road, between Carriage Road and Carriage Heights Way. You can't miss it!

Pho Joy does not have a Web site. Their address is 12316 Poway Road. Phone is (858) 513-7562.

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