Tuesday, July 9, 2013

PINZ and Jerry's Famous Deli

A chum bought a Groupon for some bowling at PINZ in Studio City, so tonight, boys and girls, I'm getting my bowl on! PINZ is the old Jerry's Bowl (which wasn't even the real name then) from my days living in Toluca Lake. Jerry's is Jerry's Famous Deli's SFV location. PINZ and Jerry's are crossover neighbors, so bowlers grab a sandwich or pizza, and diners throw a few strikes after some nosh. I thought this bowling pin on the wall of fame at PINZ - signed by Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams - was a hoot. Schlemiel! Schlimazel! And off we go!

Here's my yummy pastrami on rye, with slaw and potato salad. They have the full Jerry's menu inside the restaurant, but we went with the abbreviated bowl menu outside. This sammy was the perfect base for my winning score of 136. Woohoo!! (Never mind that I had the gutter rails up for this win, and that I totally tanked on the first game.) 

When did you last get your bowl on?!

Click here to go to PINZ's Web site.
Click here to go to Jerry's Web site.

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