Sunday, April 14, 2013

Big Daddy's Fire Grill

I pulled into the Von's parking lot on California between Orange Grove and Fair Oaks, wracking my brain for what to grab for dinner. Then I noted Big Daddy's Fire Grill, in Hallmark Gold Crown's old space, and it was on!

Right inside the door, there is a big ol' bin of oak to properly set the mood; it smells amazing in there. I imaginarily taste all the choices on the menu and finally go with the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich (marinated in rosemary, with crushed fresh garlic, dijon, lettuce and tomato, and pesto aioli dressing) and "KCS" Killer Cole Slaw (red cabbage, shredded carrots, red onion and garlic with peanuts, mayo, olive oil and red wine vinegar). Wow, both off-the-chart delicious!!

I can hardly wait to try the Lamb Burger and the Mindboggling Tender Filet Mignon Sandwich from the wood-fire grill, and a "we put the quake in your shake" milkshake. Who's meeting me for dinner at Big Daddy's?!

Click here to go to Big Daddy's Web site.

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