Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pitchoun! Bakery

I'm volunteering again with the Los Angeles Conservancy on their Last Remaining Seats series. A committee meeting brought me to their offices down by Pershing Square, and, per usual drill, I needed some dinner beforehand. I totally scored on Pitchoun! Bakery, on the street level of the Conservancy's building, and I may never be the same!!

This is the Capri, c'est fini! special, with two huge chunks of burrata cheese, yummy tomato wedges, arugula salad, and toast points. WOW!! The cheese was soooo soft and creamy that it spread on those toast points, and the full basket of bread provided.

I got there just before closing time, and they were wrapping up the pastries. I only got a tease, instead of a taste, of the gorgeous baked goods. Next time I will know what I'm in for!

Click here for Pitchoun! Bakery's website.

Click here for Los Angeles Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats' website.

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