Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Printmaking Workshop at Craft and Folk Art Museum

One of the awesome things about living in LA is that you can locate a class to learn just about anything. I've found courses on animation, children's book design, storyboarding, stained glass, and black and white photo printing, just to name a few, to satisfy a curiosity about how something works. (And we can't forget my bagpipe sessions, but I won't dally on that here!) Now, I've stuck my toe into the world of printmaking, and first up is linoleum relief printing.

The Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM), across from the Tar Pits on Wilshire, offered a Printmaking Workshop this fall, and it was fantastic! About a dozen or so students, all at different levels of experience and each with his or her own idea of what to accomplish, took part. For $25 per class, we got access to all the supplies and materials to dig right in. With linoleum printing, you use a super-sharp tool like a cuticle cutter to carve out the shape, cutting away what you don't want to print. My three modified Mackintosh roses took four weeks to pull off. I'm looking forward to the spring sessions to further the pursuit of making my own WPA-style prints. Hey, if you can't buy 'em, print 'em!

Click here to go to CAFAM's Web site.

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