Friday, October 5, 2012

Eddie Izzard at USC

Back in April, I posted about seeing Eddie Izzard with an awesome assemblage of Brits at the wacky What About Dick? at the Orpheum. Tonight, it was all Eddie at his one-man show at USC's Bovard Hall.

One of my chums works at USC, and she nabbed the poster you see here, which now lives on my work bulletin board. Good thing, because this must've been a secret show. I'm on Eddie's mailing list AND a Facebook liker, and I heard nothing about it through those sources. Anyhoo, I'm glad I got the inside scoop because he was hysterical!

For the Eddie fans, he was in total boy mode, with jacket and jeans. But the stream of consciousness-esque ad libbing, conversations voicing both characters–sometimes in different languages!, and sound effects that he is known for were all there in force.

Some highlights included pipe smokers–think Sherlock Holmes' scholarly pipe compared to crack pipe smokers, moles versus voles, the implications of ordering "release the kraken" from the 1981 Clash of the Titans movie, spending hours on Wikipedia  scanning for the blue text and looking for "the finger" to bounce to the next subject, the benefits of being agnostic as opposed to declaring atheism, some Latin, and "carrying the M" when doing math with Roman numerals. I'm still busting up as I type!

Click here to go to Eddie's Web site.

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